Slutkonferens för projektet EU 2020 Going Local

Pressinbjudan - Local Actions towards Europe 2020

 - How can local and regional actors improve the deliveries of EU 2020 targets? Learn from good practices on improving energy efficiency and foster sustainable transports. Meet politicians from project partners telling their story about how to go from words to action.

The project partners behind EU2020 Going Local are very pleased to invite media to cover the Final Conference at the Residence Palace in Brussels on the 11th of October.

After two years of close cooperation, the project partners are ready to present how this project contributes to change. During the day some of the project´s results and findings will be outlined.

Which measures have been proven to be successful and what is nee ded to transfer these practices to other regions and cities?

The discussions will also focus on how to implement the Europe 2020 strategy at all levels and what we need to further improve to reach the targets. The politicians from partner regions involved in the project will tell their story and give valuable input to the discussions on the future of the structural funds.

The project partners are: Sörmland Regional Council, (Sweden), Örebro Regional Development Council, (Sweden), Ministry of Economic Affairs, Energy, Building, Housing and Transport of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, City of Duisburg, (Germany), Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region, (Slovenia), Riga Planning Region, (Latvia), Zemgale Planning Region, (Latvia), Stoke-on-Trent City Council, (United Kingdom), Municipality of Schaerbeek, (Belgium), Ministry for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, (Luxembourg), Province of Gelderland, (the Netherlands), Regio Achterhoek, (the Netherlands), Local Government Yorkshire and Humber, (United Kingdom) and Cartaxo Municipality, (Portugal).

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What is EU 2020 Going Local?
EU 2020 Going Local is a capitalization co-funded by the INTERREG IVC Program launched on October 2010. The partnership includes 14 partners from 9 EU member states.

As a capitalization project, the focus lies on transferring Good Practices into the EU Structural Funds´programs of our partner regions. The project contributes to the effective implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy at local and regional level. It builds on the stock of tried and tested successful experiences of improving the delivery within themes of energy efficiency and sustainable transport.

The project aims at: 

  • Improving regional policies by identifying and adapting Good Practices under the mainstream programs in cooperation between the project partners and local politicians.
  • Motivating local and regional politicians to be actively involved in EU strategies by showing that local and regional Good Practices can greatly influence national as well as EU-wide goals.

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